Colebrookdale Fountain

This cast iron fountain was originally erected in 1888 in Lurgan town centre to celebrate Queen Victoria’s Jubilee.  It was moved to Lurgan Public Park in the early 20’s to make way for the war memorial.  While other similar cast iron fountains survive around the world, from Christchurch, New Zealand to Weston – Super – Mare, Somerset, no other fountain is known with the lamp posts.

Some other Coalbrookdale fountains were brightly painted, but early photographs suggest that Lurgan’s fountain, like others of the period, was painted a single dark colour.  Coalbrookdale fountains were assembled from many individual castings which explain the technical difficulties in repairing and restoring this beautiful feature.

The roses planted adjacent to the fountain were bred in Northern Ireland mostly in the 20’s and 30’s at a time when Dickson of Newtownards and McCready’s of Portadown were prominent breeders.  They remain to this day, two of the most important families in the history of rose growing.